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Paintball oder Lasertag in Berlin Pankow!

Experience the ultimate adrenaline-rush and choose yor game, now!!!

Lasertag blacklight indoor

Lasertag is a happy event for the entire family. You can play in an about 700 m2 (830 yards2) large indoor arena filled with black light effects, hence, Lasertag is a happening for all-season. An unique atmosphere guaranteed you fun and adventures for memorable hours.

It is a non-dangerous game and allowed for all people with height of at least 1,30 m (4,3 ft).

For further informations please check menu item Lasertag

Indoor Paintball

It dosn't matter if it rains or snows, only here, in the middle of Berlin, you have the chance to experience the paintball adrenaline-rush without taking care of the weather. Paintball action in an about 1,2 y² arena. If stag parties or boost your team spirit everthing is possible in this kind of sport.

Paintball is allowed for people at the age of 18 and older in Germany.

For further informations please check menu item Indoor Paintball